As a steward of thousands of acres of land, Hoodoo Land Holdings and its employees prize their roles in preserving and enhancing the habitat for all types of wildlife on owned and managed lands. At both the Hoodoo and Preston Nutter Ranches considerable devotion has been contributed toward working with local wildlife agencies focused on habitat preservation for the greater sage grouse.

At the Preston Nutter Ranch, efforts continue to aid in the rejuvenation of aspen tree groves that have been decimated by Sudden Aspen Decline.

Some of the highlights of Hoodoo’s conservation and recreational efforts include:

  • Since 2010, the ranch has increased the number of acres enrolled in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands Public Wildlife Program to more than 92,000.
  • Ranch employees have worked with the Wyoming Game and Fish department to manage wild animal and cattle conflicts that occur at the ranch.
  • Hoodoo is interested in sage grouse conservation and has voluntarily agreed with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to a number of measures that result in a productive spring nesting habitat for sage grouse.